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"One of the most common questions particularly from those that are organising a disco party for the first time is "What Do I Do First?" so I thought it may be worthwhile giving my advice to help you out on this matter. So below I've listed the recommended steps when booking a disco with myself.....

1. Decide on a date\approximate time to hold the party then either check my regularly updated availability chart on here, message me on facebook or text\phone\email me to check whether your preferred date\time is available. I will then "pencil you in" and HOLD that date for you for 72 HOURS.

2. Once this provisional booking is made, check the availability of your preferred venue and book the time at the venue remembering to book (at least) 30 minutes either side of the party times to allow me enough time to setup and pack away the disco.

3. Contact me again to advise that the date\times have been confirmed with the venue. At this stage it becomes a DEFINITE booking and I will take all the required relevant details including your name, the party person's name, type of celebration, any special requests and a contact mobile number.

4. I do not take deposits, but simply ask for payment in full on the day\night of the party. A few days before your party I will text or message you to check everything is still ok and the party is still going ahead.

I can imagine a party with no disco turning up would be your worst nightmare, so for this reason I record every booking in 2 seperate diaries (just in case I lost one) to make sure no oversights or mistakes with bookings will occur. I don't employ other DJ's or pass bookings onto other DJ's, so every booking I get I personally do myself. This is why I have fairly strict weekend daytime 2 hour party booking times (11am-1pm) or (3-5pm), although for longer parties such as Christenings or Weddings I am more flexible. I hope this brief guide has helped you in making your party planning that little bit easier...so here's to "seeing you on the dancefloor"......DJ Richie



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